The Role of RAISE Regional Steering Group in Shaping Startup Success

The Role of RAISE Regional Steering Group in Shaping Startup Success 1024 586 RAISE fosters startup growth and scale-up within and across Europe

The RAISE project partners are dedicated to crafting a comprehensive action plan aimed at transforming innovative startup ideas into robust frameworks at both the EU and global levels. The RAISE Regional Steering Group, comprising seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, plays a significant role in steering and validating this ambitious action plan. To ensure the success of this critical phase, the Steering Group has been assembled to provide expertise and validation for the proposed methodology and action plan.

Who is included in the Steering Group?

The Steering Group consists of 13 high-level professionals, Comprising 13 high-level professionals and policy experts from various sectors, this group brings together a wealth of experience from Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), Regional Governments, Innovation Centers, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), and more. Representing 10 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Malta, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, the group is a melting pot of expertise and perspectives and a diverse assembly of thought leaders committed to advancing startup initiatives.

The Steering Group operates through two dedicated working groups:

  1. Group 1: First Revision
  2. Group 2: Comments Implementation and Finalisation These working groups serve as specialised teams, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive review process to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the action plan.

Tasks of the Steering Group

The RAISE partners rely on the support of the Steering Group to provide technical reviews of deliverables related to the design and testing of pilot actions (D2.1). This collaborative effort aims to refine the proposed methodologies and action plans, ensuring they meet the highest standards of innovation and feasibility.

As the RAISE project advances, the Regional Steering Group stands as a cornerstone, steering and validating the envisioned action plan. Through their collective expertise, the Steering Group contributes significantly to the success of the RAISE project, fostering the growth and scale-up of innovative startup ideas on both European and international fronts.

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