How Researchers Supercharge Startups: The Power of their Valuable Skills

How Researchers Supercharge Startups: The Power of their Valuable Skills 909 516 RAISE fosters startup growth and scale-up within and across Europe

In the exciting world of startups, teaming up with researchers brings a special set of skills that really boost success. Let’s dive into the cool stuff researchers bring to the table and how it makes a big impact on startups.

Let’s explore the valuable skills researchers possess and the substantial impact they can make on the startup ecosystem.

Problem-Solving Expertise
Researchers are adept problem solvers with a knack for identifying issues and crafting effective solutions. Their ability to analyse complex problems and generate innovative ideas proves invaluable in the dynamic and fast-paced startup environment. In the face of challenges that often emerge swiftly in startups, the problem-solving skills of researchers become a critical factor in overcoming obstacles and propelling progress.

Creative Thinking
Creative thinking is a common thread between researchers and startup enthusiasts. Both groups thrive on generating novel ideas, establishing connections, and exploring uncharted possibilities. Leveraging their research background, researchers bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the startup space. This is particularly crucial in an environment where adaptability and out-of-the-box thinking can be the differentiators between success and failure.

Research Expertise
Beyond academia, the research expertise of individuals becomes a potent tool with diverse applications. Researchers, specialising in specific fields, can harness their knowledge to address challenges within startups. This expertise is especially relevant when engaging with policymakers, as startups navigate the intricate landscape of regulations and policy considerations. Researchers, equipped with a deep understanding of scientific principles, play an instrumental role in effective communication with policymakers. This skill extends beyond the policy field and finds applicability in startups, where regulatory compliance is vital for sustainable growth. The ability to delve deep into a subject and extract valuable insights becomes a transferable skill. Entrepreneurs can tap into this expertise for informed decision-making and effective problem-solving.

In essence, the collaboration between researchers and startups creates a synergy that fosters innovation and addresses challenges with a unique blend of problem-solving, creative thinking, and research expertise. This partnership not only enhances the startup ecosystem but also propels the journey towards sustainable growth and success.

This advice and information are from a RAISE mentoring session about “The Researcher’s Impact on Startup Innovation.” Our mentor, Adriana Bankston, talked about how researchers have a big influence in making new and creative things happen in startups.

About the author: Adriana Bankston
Adriana Bankston is a former bench scientist turned science policy expert with a wealth of experience in research and academic policy changes within university settings. Her career was dedicated to showcasing research discoveries on a broader scale. Notably, Adriana also led a non-profit organisation and held various entrepreneurial roles, connecting with professionals worldwide.

Adriana’s role as a senior fellow in science policy with the Federation of American Scientists showcased her expertise in policy entrepreneurship. Her work at this non-profit mirrored the dynamic nature of a startup, making her well-equipped to discuss the convergence of science and policy.

Based in Washington, DC, USA, Adriana was ideally positioned to offer valuable insights into research-powered innovation, real-world impact, and the art of building strategic partnerships and talent scouting. Her diverse background and passion for research made her a dynamic speaker for discussions surrounding innovation, collaboration, and talent development.

Photo via Adam Fard

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