Scale-up Your Startup Towards Growth with HippoMeter

Scale-up Your Startup Towards Growth with HippoMeter 1024 547 RAISE fosters startup growth and scale-up within and across Europe

In the competitive landscape of startups, having a tool like HippoMeter can be a game-changer. Elevate your team’s investor readiness, gain a competitive edge, and embark on a successful scaling journey with HippoMeter. The key to success lies not just in having an idea but in presenting it with confidence and transparency. Introducing HippoMeter – a digital tool designed to supercharge your team’s investor readiness and scale up your startup towards growth in just two hours!

The HippoMeter Advantage

Think of HippoMeter as your personal interview with a savvy investor, offering you a unique opportunity to build trust and quantifiably assess the status of all relevant scale-up assets. This innovative tool poses tough, investor-relevant questions to 3-10 key team members, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your business case.

A Closer Look at HippoMeter

  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Utilising HippoMeter is a breeze; all you need is a laptop and an online connection. In just one hour of your key people’s private time, HippoMeter converts their responses into a detailed Hippo Scorecard and other easily understandable analyses.
  • In-Depth Analysis: HippoMeter engages your team to see your startup through the eyes of potential investors. With 140 investor-relevant multiple-choice questions, it covers every aspect of investor readiness.
  • Instantly Generated Reports: Within moments, HippoMeter provides two highly informative online reports – an External Report to enrich your investor pitch and an Internal Report for making necessary improvements and elevating your team’s investor readiness.

Understanding Your Metrics

HippoMeter concretely quantifies your investor readiness and scale-up assets through:

  • Overall Score: Indicating your startup’s readiness to attract investors.
  • Thematic Element Scores: Ranging from Opportunity to Ownership, providing a nuanced understanding.
  • 35 Scaleup Asset Scores: Presented in a 7×5 matrix through your Hippo Scorecard.

HippoMeter empowers your team to:

  • Focus Resources Strategically: Prioritise efforts in the right direction before meeting potential investors.
  • Create Alignment: Ensure key team members see the business case from an investor’s perspective, fostering a shared vision.
  • Facilitate Learning Journeys: Equip each team member with insights on investor readiness and scaling up.
  • Engage Advisors: Invite them as respondents and facilitators for report debriefs, fostering collaboration for actionable next steps.
  • Insights for Growth: Gain valuable insights for recruiting new team members and advisors to fill resource gaps and drive continuous improvement.


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