80% of the results come from just 20% of the efforts

80% of the results come from just 20% of the efforts 1024 483 RAISE fosters startup growth and scale-up within and across Europe

Wisdom often emerges from unexpected quarters. Take, for instance, the Italian philosopher Pareto, whose Pareto Principle has become a beacon of guidance for countless entrepreneurs. This principle, asserting that 80% of results stem from a mere 20% of efforts, underscores a fundamental truth: resourcefulness reigns supreme, particularly in the nascent stages of a startup’s journey.

Navigating Limited Resources

At the onset, startups grapple with a scarcity of resources—be it funds, manpower, or time. Juan, a seasoned voice in the startup arena, emphasizes the art of discernment amidst such constraints. His advice? Zero in on the vital 20%—the efforts that yield 80% of results. By prioritizing tasks judiciously, startups can optimize their impact without spreading themselves too thin.

Harnessing Technology

In a digital age teeming with possibilities, Juan advocates for leveraging technology as a potent ally. Startups can craft compelling strategies sans hefty expenditures or physical presence, all thanks to the myriad tools at their disposal. From online platforms to virtual fundraising endeavors, technology emerges as a game-changer in the quest for entrepreneurial success.

Embarking on Thought Leadership

Enter the realm of thought leadership—an arena where Juan’s insights truly shine. This strategic approach hinges on the power of content—a veritable cornerstone of modern marketing. By sharing valuable insights and industry knowledge, startups can cultivate trust and credibility, paving the way for enduring relationships with stakeholders.

Strategic Content Creation

For Juan, content creation transcends mere self-promotion. It’s about fostering genuine connections, humanizing brands, and offering tangible value to the audience. By blending industry updates with personal anecdotes, startups can carve out a distinctive niche in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Embracing Global Connectivity

In a world without borders, linguistic and technological prowess assume paramount importance. Juan’s advocacy for communicating in a global language, coupled with harnessing AI for content creation, underscores the importance of embracing innovation on a global scale.

Forging Meaningful Connections

Networking, Juan asserts, is more than just a requisite—it’s a strategic imperative. By cultivating connections and nurturing relationships, startups can tap into a reservoir of opportunities, propelling their growth trajectory to new heights.

Empowering Startups through Communication

At its core, Juan’s philosophy champions the transformative power of communication. Whether it’s through compelling content or strategic networking, startups hold the key to unlocking their full potential in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Juan’s insights offer a roadmap to success—one marked by astute resource management, unwavering innovation, and a steadfast commitment to forging meaningful connections. As startups navigate the tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship, they would do well to heed the wisdom of pioneers like Juan, whose vision illuminates the path toward enduring success.

Juan Fuentes Fernández

Juan Fuentes Fernández

Juan Fuentes Fernández, based in Copenhagen, is a seasoned expert with a career spanning over a decade in various areas, including strategy, international business development, PR & Comms, brand and activation management, project and people management, market research, and CSR.

Having worked across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, Juan’s global perspective is reflected in his extensive professional journey. His notable achievements include:

Professional Experience

  • LALIGA Delegate for the Nordic Countries (2021-Present): Appointed by LALIGA, the Spanish football league, Juan leads the growth strategy in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
  • LALIGA Delegate for the Middle East (2017-2021): Spearheaded LALIGA’s successful expansion in Egypt, Sudan, and Libya.
  • Editor at Oxford Business Group (Philippines): Analyzed emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Trade and Investment Advisor for the Embassy of Spain: Represented Spanish interests in Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

Academic Involvement: Juan’s academic contributions include research and co-authoring a Working Paper for Harvard Business School on LALIGA’s strategic development. He has served as an instructor and master thesis supervisor in various sports management programs in Spain and Europe.

Angel Investor: As an investor, Juan focuses on sports and entertainment-related startups, emphasizing industry validation and expansion. He avoids investments in projects collaborating with LALIGA or seeking collaboration with his organization.

Multidisciplinary Project Coordination: Juan has successfully managed diverse teams for award-winning projects, such as the Spanish-Arabic football dictionary by the Instituto Cervantes and LALIGA, which received the “Publication of the Year 2021” award in Spain.

Recognition and Social Impact: Juan has been shortlisted as a winner in Spain’s inaugural Nova 111 list, particularly in the telecom, media, and entertainment category. Dedicated to social impact, he has volunteered with various NGOs for over a decade and is a member of Common Goal, donating 1% of his salary to support social causes.

Areas of Expertise: Juan Fuentes Fernández excels in entertainment and sports management, international business development, strategy, market research, PR & Comms, brand and activation management, project and people management, CSR initiatives, academic instruction, keynote speaking, and angel investment. His multilingual and multicultural proficiency further enhances his ability to make a significant impact across various sectors.

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